Phone Rings once

Lucent phone rings once can’t grab calls

Symptom: “Phone system rings once and then flashes and call goes into voicemail before we can answer it.” This is most often a programming malfunction that is caused by a fault in the Lucent Partner Phone system.  Sometimes caused by battery failure, surge, or processor failures.  Older systems do not use Flash Chip programming and require a constant charge.  


This Failure requires a technician, and can not be solved by end user.  Your system is likely wiped of programming and needs reprogrammed. 

Onsite Dispatched Support is available nation wide from T.S.S/TelcomPBX   Contact Support at 877-926-0151

Phone Rings once

Lucent important information:

* This system uses older wiring and most modern systems using IP phones will not run on this wiring.  

* To upgrade phones on this type of wiring you need onsite systems (premise – not cloud or IP PBX.  


* This system is supportable although old. 

* Wiring upgrades to move to modern system are costly and expensive.  Most Cloud systems are not a good upgrade for this systems.  

* You can upgrade to a processor system and program to gain up to an additional 5 years.  


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