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Avaya phone rings once can’t grab calls

Symptom: Avaya “Phone system rings once and then flashes and call goes into voicemail before we can answer it.” This is most often a programming malfunction that is caused by a fault in the Avaya Partner Phone system.  Sometimes caused by battery, processor failures, or power surge.  Older systems do not use SSD Chip programming and require a constant charge.  

Repair / Solution:

This Failure requires a telephone technician, and can not be solved by end user.  Your system is likely defaulted of programming and needs reprogrammed. or processor replaced.  (still available)  

 Dispatched Onsite Support is available nation wide from T.S.S/TelcomPBX   Contact Support at 877-926-0151

Avaya Rings once

Avaya Partner important information:

* This system uses older wiring and most modern systems using IP phones will not run on this wiring.  

* To upgrade phones on this type of wiring you need onsite systems (premise) – Wiring Can not support  ( cloud or not IP PBX.  


* This system is supportable although old. 

* Wiring upgrades to move to modern system are costly and expensive.  Most Cloud systems are not a good upgrade for this systems.  

* You can upgrade to a processor system and program to gain up to an additional 5 years.  

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