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Enjoy this Free 3CX Download and welcome to the 3CX telephone system information page.  Here we will explain 3CX and also help you Install 3CX so that you can improve your office communication systems.  I will also go over in these videos how to configure it so that the phones work similarly to other brands you may already be using!

I will show you a way to CUSTOM CONFIGURE 

3CX in a manner that is comfortable for those

Upgrading from Traditional Phone Systems

What is 3CX ?

Answer: 3CX is a Modern Phone System that can be deployed (installed) in the Cloud, on Amazon, or on a device.

Why should you Try and Deploy (run) 3CX a Modern PBX for small, Medium, and Enterprise businesses?

Answer:  In my opinion, the 3CX product has more features out of the box per se that are amazing for the end-user but upgrade the license and suddenly you have one of the most advanced feature-rich telephone systems on the market today for an extremely affordable cost.   In the last few years, major brands such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Nortel, Comdial, and many others have or will depart the marketplace.   3CX has shown up and with my instruction, I will help you install 3CX and set it up as close as possible to many of those brands for a User-Friendly Experience.

You will need a FREE 3CX License Key

free 3CX License

You will need Hosting (which I will show you the easiest to deploy it on)

Easy 3CX Hosting Setup

You will also need this software link (ISO – LInk)


You will copy the above link to the hosting platform (per the video Instructions)

Find below some phones that when programmed as I will show will give you a great end-user experience similar to that of many traditional phone systems like Nortel, Avaya, Lucent,

Recommended phones for the custom-configured (user-Friendly) Deployment of 3CX for upgrading from Nortel, or Upgrading from Toshiba Phone systems for example.

Introduction to 3CX

In the following video, you will see how you can use the Free Download Key for 3CX to build an affordable and extremely user-friendly phone system for your business.


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