How to stop phone hack on Nortel phone System

Problem: “Nortel phone system has been hacked and made long distance charges ”  


This has now become a common issue among older phone systems!  Hackers now focus on vulnerabilities of older systems like Nortel.  So if your Nortel Phone system has been hacked and making long distance calls.


This can be caused by poor extension voice mail mail passwords initially but once identified will likely re-occur with in 1 year. Firmware has not been updated on these systems for a number of years.

Nortel Phone hack

IMPORTANT – If your system telephone lines are listed by carrier as ( T1 or PRI) you have a serious issue.  You need to call immediately to discuss.  CODE System decommissioned and your system is Venerable to unrecoverable Failure.  Your system will be unusable.  IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED  – DO NOT IGNORE

FIX Nortel Phone Hacked

* Firmware upgrade and password issue. 

* This is not a fix that can be repaired by end user.  This fix requires TELEPHONE Technician onsite as this is not a networked telephone system.   

Request Dispatched Technician

IF you need a technician for Nortel phone system hack contact us at (877) 926- 0151 

Upgrade Paths

Note  – This system uses wiring not currently common. Thus (cloud or IP PBX are not a good upgrade option) Wiring will not support IP Phones or Cloud Phones in Most cases. 

* Upgrade paths [x] Yes available – Onsite Premise systems. 

[X] Multiple options available. 

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