Avaya Small Business Phone System 500V2LN


The Avaya Control Unit 500V2LN and (6) 9508 Phones Small Business Phone System Package

  • Version 9.0/9.1 Standard Addition Software
  • This system is shipped with Cards installed

Comes with (3) year warranty. Equipment may show signs of light use.




Avaya 500V2LN Small Business Phone System

IMPORTANT –  Online checkout prevented – Requires expert checkout please call  1-877-926-0151


The Avaya 500V2LN is a state of the art small business phone system designed to run on (copper Lines or Analog Handoff).

This is the Non-IP version of the Avaya system.

Configured to “Standard Mode”

  • VoiceMail
  • Direct Ring or Auto Attendant supported
  • Line Mode ( Line Appearance – up to (4) Telephone Lines
  • Up to (6) Digital Telephones ( 9508 )

This is ideal for a busy office environment where direct answer on all phones is wanted and the ability to answer calls from all phones (extensions).    You can place a call on hold and any of the phones connected to the system can pick up the blinking line.   In this configuration up to (4) Lines.

The software powering this system is a branch off of the Avaya Partner phone system one of the most prolific small business phone systems sold.  It has been updated to provide additional functionality and modernized for today’s offices.  This configuration/firmware does not support ( Lunch Mode ) or (Advanced Auto attendants).   But is considered to be a very straightforward easy to use the office telephone system.  [ Does require professional installation & Programming not included in this purchase]

Deskphone (not wall-mounted)

  • 3.2″ x 2.2″ monochrome display
  • 3 pages of 8 buttons with dual LEDs (24 programmable keys), 4 softkeys, 4-way navigation cluster
  • Fixed features include phone, messages, contacts, history, home, headset, speaker, volume, mute
  • Wideband audio
  • Built-in full duplex speakerphone and built-in headset interface
  • Dual message waiting for indicators

Wall Mount Version available for an additional $12 each


  • Must have an office pre-wired with separate wiring for phones ( Cat 3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6) this configuration is not designed to run on the office network.
  • This requires professional programming and installation by a trained telephone technician.
    • Requires: Understanding of Data cabling/telecom wiring
    • Wiring / Cabling or Jacks may be required for your office
    • Wiring should be considered in good condition to allow for signaling
    • Has been trained in Avaya Programming.  Software is considered Complex [ Scale  7 out of 10 ]

Remote Support and Programming Available Call for quotes


  • Direct Answer (no auto-attendant) or Auto Attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Call Hold
  • Voicemail (Robust 2 Port Voicemail with Caller ID association)
  • Transfer or Handle calls on Hold
  • Conference Call  (Requires 3 lines from the carrier)
  • Pickup Calls from any phone connected to the system
  •  DND (Do not Disturb)



  • This system can be configured with cards, and licenses to an IP Office Unit for additional costs.  That can support IP Phones, Remote workers, Voicemail to email, and other features available on the more complex software.




This warranty covers, any defects, or failures* for up to (2) for product replacement.

*   This warranty excludes any external conditions such as “surges, lightning strikes, power spikes, brown-outs, water damage, or acts of mother nature beyond the control of the manufacture.  The system needs to be installed according to professional standards and conditions.  Does not include improper programming.

Disclaimer –  This unit is not new but a refurbished unit from our pool returned lease or inventory. The system may show light signs of ware

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