Digital Voice Lines™

TriTella is the provider of  Digital Voice Lines™

Today’s telephone systems operate very different then traditional (POTS Line Telephone Systems), these modern systems use the high speed fiber network rather then copper cables.  Copper cables provided the first effective phone system but due to natural decay, wear, and environmental conditions would over time have poor call quality.   Through Great advancements more features, greater flexibility, and HD voice are now all possible with Digital Voice Lines™ a TriTella product.

SIP Trunk Providers

Digtal Voice Lines™ are digital virtual line connections using one of the worlds largest fiber optic networks, ITSPs, and other advanced communication systems.   Our digital line network incorporates best-of-breed carrier solutions from Sonus, FreeSWITCH and Cisco. We offer our customers crystal clear voice quality that has earned us some of the highest MOS* (mean opinion score) ratings in the industry.

We are able to assure great call quality by leveraging the Onvoy Tier 1 CLEC network, TriTella provides its customers with redundant, low latency access to 90% of the US and Canadian populations. In addition, we are part of a small group of providers that are SMS/800 certified, which allows us to immediately route toll free calls to other carriers in the unlikely event of a service disruption. These services are provided through a dealer network:

Digital Voice Line™   Dealers






TriTella provides through its partner networks –

  • One of the largest local DID footprints in North America with 13,000+ rate centers – 54% more coverage than our closest competitor
  • Growing Switching/POP’s in Denver, Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Des Moines, and Salt Lake City
  • Built using best of breed carrier infrastructure from Sonus, FreeSWITCH and Cisco
  • Powerful API and service portal for instant number provisioning and account management.
  • The highest MOS scores (Mean opinion score (MOS) is a test that has been used for decades in telephony networks to obtain the human user’s view of the quality of the network.)

TriTella provides inbound and outbound termination services with its Digital Voice Lines™  using modern communication systems such as ATA boxes, Cloud Hosted PBX, Onsite Sip powered phone systems, business telephone systems.   These systems use SIP Trunk knowledgeably to provide great quality Digital Voice Lines™

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Digital Voice Lines™ are considered SIP Trunks powered

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